Walt Handelsman: Caption Contest Winners!

Trading Places

We received 182 entries in this Mardi Gras-themed caption contest.  Obviously, Carnival really brings out the funny in folks from this part of the country! The jokes ranged from cracks about Baby Boomers to parade ladder cops all the way to flashing! Very funny!

The winner and finalists are:


Kye Cantey, Crowley (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Bonnie Steen, Metairie: “At least we won’t lose them in the crowd this year.”

Louis Aubert, New Orleans: “Well, it’s lots better than having them on your shoulders!!!”

Richard Bienvenu, New Orleans: “Perhaps this is taking a family friendly Mardi Gras a little too far.”

Louise Attuso, Baton Rouge: “I wish the city would have picked up our ladders.”

Kevin Donahoe, Metairie: “They’ve been sitting in the same ladders for 40 years!”

Mary Fox Tebo, Baton Rouge: “If Mom lifts her shirt, we’re outta here!!!”

Jean LeBlanc, Baton Rouge: “They are taking this “Baby Boomer” thing to a whole new level.”

Philip, Pusateri, Metairie: “Let ‘em have their fun-- you’re only old once…”

Impressive job, everyone!

Happy Mardi Gras!

~ Walt


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