After Louise Prosser told of Sister Dorothy, the irrepressible nun who used S&H Green Stamps to buy a station wagon for the nuns at St. Joseph’s Academy, I heard from Tim Cockerham with another Sister Dorothy story:

“As a senior at Catholic High in 1974, I was charged with driving Sister back to St. Joseph’s Academy after she taught her classes at CHS.

“One fine spring day, a group of young men (rumored to be seniors at U-High) had apparently decided to ‘streak’ the girls at the academy.

“They arrived at the same time I was dropping Sister Dorothy off.

“I still wish I had a video of these guys jumping out of their car, naked to the world and trying to impress the academy girls, only to be greeted by the diminutive nun and her umbrella — and being quickly dispatched back to their vehicle!”

Beware the A-Bears

“RAS” says, “A few years ago, on a motor home trip to Alaska, we stopped to watch bears catching fish in a stream.

“There, to my surprise, who did I see but my old friend Jules Hebert.

“I hollered out ‘Hebert!’ and rushed to greet my friend, as we had not seen each other for several months.

“As we were talking, we noticed we were the only ones left in the viewing area.

“All the rest of the people were in their cars with the windows rolled up!”

Fiery rhetoric

Rhetta Sellers offers this Dog Days observation:

“If there is anyone who does not believe in spontaneous self-combustion, they haven’t done yard work this summer!”

Inquiring Minds Dept.

J.L. Mallett Sr. asks, “Why are olives cheaper if the pits are removed and stuffed with pimentos?”

He says stuffing the olives must be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

(Speaking of olives, my friends who drink say bartenders should warn customers before placing an anchovy-stuffed olive in a martini, to prevent a nasty shock when the drinker bites down on the smelly fish.)

Natural causes

C. Ward Bond thanks Lucy Staring Pope for setting the record straight about Joseph Staring, namesake of Staring Lane:

“Apparently, the rumor of Joseph Staring’s murder was greatly exaggerated.

“I learned the story as a boy hanging out at Schwing’s store at the corner of Staring Lane and Highland Road.”

Says Lucy, “Joseph Staring, my father’s uncle, did not buy Chatsworth Plantation in 1920, nor was he murdered by a neighbor.”

She cites a State-Times story from 1920 saying he died at his home “following a stroke of apoplexy.”

Lucy says the Staring name “is from the Stahrings who came to the Mohawk Valley of New York in the mid-1700s.”

Bulldog at bay

John L. Hamm III doesn’t have too much sympathy for Tom Terrific, who wrote about being an LSU fan in Kentucky:

“He should try being a Louisiana Tech fan and living in Baton Rouge.”

Baby books

Glen “Big Baby” Davis, LSU and Boston Celtics basketball star, launches his new foundation Wednesday through Saturday at a “Booking It With Baby” event with the East Baton Rouge Parish Library.

Mobile units will help Glen reach some 1,500 youngsters ages 5 to 15 at camp and libraries with a literacy message.

The foundation’s aim is to encourage inner-city youths to stay in school and away from bad behavior by focusing on literacy and athletic and recreational activities.

The contact address is

Special People Dept.

• Rena “Moma Day” Day, of Greensburg and Chipola, celebrates her 95th birthday Tuesday.

• Marjorie Larson celebrates her 91st birthday Tuesday.

Sticker shock

Frank Fronczek says, “A Jaguar seen on LSU campus had this bumper sticker:

“ ‘All parts falling off this vehicle are of finest British manufacture.’ ”

Fat chance

Algie Petrere tells why you should always read labels:

“As I was conditioning my hair in the shower this morning, I took time to read my shampoo bottle.

“I am in shock!

“The shampoo I use in the shower, that runs down my entire body, says ‘ … for extra volume and body’!

“Seriously, why have I not noticed this before?

“Tomorrow, I am going to start using Dawn dish soap.

“It says right on the label ‘ … dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.’ ”