In the Saturday letters column, a lady who recently moved to Baton Rouge from Austin, Texas, concerned about bad news involving our city, wondered why people say they love it.

Cootsie, from Slaughter, had this response:

“I don’t know why people love Baton Rouge.

“It’s full of nosy people who ask, ‘How ya doing?’ and ‘Great day, isn’t it?’ and have the audacity to engage you in actual meaningful dialogue — and most of them don’t even know who you are!

“I’ve even had them stop and want to help change a flat tire, help load lumber in my truck, and try and feed me all the ‘Cajun delights’ they prepare in their kitchens and at LSU games.

“I’ve had them return a wallet (with all the cash) that I lost.

“I’ve seen them, for no good reason at all, help people in need, open their doors and lives to refugees from hurricanes and other such minor events, and help rebuild houses, cities and sometimes lives.

“If you stumble in this town, you can’t even get back up due to hands reaching down to help you up.

“I don’t know for sure, but there has to be a ulterior motive, and one of these days I might figure it out!

“Guess I’ll have to hang around till then!”

Related events?

Jack Wardlaw sends over this note from the church bulletin of University Presbyterian Church, announcing upcoming events:

“1 p.m.: Pig Roast, Perkins Road Park.

“4:30 p.m.: Overeaters Anonymous, Conference Room.”

Exciting reading

Malcolm Wright complains that our headline writers are causing him anxiety:

“An Advocate headline said, ‘LSU defensive coach John Chavis returns to Tennessee.’

“I almost had a heart attack hunting for the Sports section, where I found that Coach Chavis was going to Tennessee only to coach our defensive squad in the LSU-Tennessee game.

“What a relief!

“Next shock: a headline on one of the letters to the editor on the Opinion page said, ‘Nungesser backed over Dardenne.’

“My first impression was that it must have been a pretty squishy affair — until I discovered it was about politics.”

Flat nice people

Diane, a nurse, was on her way to work one afternoon, heading out from Gonzales on Interstate 10, when she had a flat tire.

She thanks a gentleman named Bob who came to her rescue.

Worthy causes

• The O’Brien House annual Breakfast is at 8 a.m. Wednesday at the Hilton.

For more information, call (225) 344-6345.

• The Cane Field Classic one-mile and four-mile races start at 8 a.m. Saturday at Margaret Plantation in West Baton Rouge Parish.

Sponsored by Performance Fitness, a portion of proceeds benefits Rocket Kidz Foundation, which fights childhood obesity and encourages fitness.

Expect Cajun music, food and “fresh-cut sugar cane greeting runners at the end of the race.”

Register through Wednesday at Varsity Sports, 2055 Perkins Road, or online at or

Special People Dept.

• Mary and Jack Jones, formerly of Jackson, Miss., celebrate 70 years of marriage Tuesday.

• Ed and Willery Capron celebrated their 69th anniversary Monday.

• Maurice and Marion Roques, of Darrow, celebrated their 64th anniversary Thursday.

• John and Elaine DeLatin celebrated their 62nd anniversary Saturday.

• Shirley and James Teer celebrated their 56th anniversary Saturday.

• Larry and Kaaren Dugas, of Donaldsonville, celebrated 50 years of marriage Friday.

Sick story

Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, adds to tales of the late, unlamented telephone party lines:

“On an eight-party line in rural southwest Louisiana, an old lady stayed on the phone so much that if you needed a doctor, you had to send him a postcard!”

What secret play?

Marian F. Romaire, of Morgan City, has a sports story:

“Our great-grandson, Noah Chaplain, of Madison, Miss., is 6 years old and on a tag football team.

“At one of his games he saw one of his grandfathers sitting in the stands.

“The team went into the huddle, and as they were coming out Noah yelled, ‘Watch, Poppy, I’m getting the ball!’ ”