“In recent months, we’ve seen accidents on interstate highways slow traffic in many parts of Baton Rouge to a crawl. What do you think should be done to help move traffic when accidents occur?” Interviews conducted at the U.S. Post Office on Perkins Road on Wednesday.

1. Shirley Sands, 61

Baton Rouge, teacher

“You mean not to prevent them in the first place? I think we should have good communication in the community and suggestion of alternate routes.”

2. Diana Marcantel, 20

Baton Rouge, student

“I guess a beforehand warning to avoid the interstate and broadcast it on radio and television.”

3. Abner Hammond, 73

Baton Rogue, retired

“I think the people involved in the accidents should move to the side of the road until the police arrive.”

4. Marcia Campbell, 75

Baton Rouge, retired

“Those of us who live in Baton Rouge should take the old roads we know.”

5. Chad Ortte, 30

Baton Rouge, real estate

“I’ve always thought someone should invent this giant white screen to get rid of the rubbernecking. I think we need the loop and the light rail.”

6. Howard Wang, 18

Baton Rouge, student

“One of the biggest problems we have is we can’t get information out soon enough and we should also space out rush hour time.”

7. John Chen, 27

Baton Rouge, works at ExxonMobil

“They should finish the road projects faster.”

8. Tyné Davis, 25

Baton Rouge, waitress

“Move them over as quickly as you can. You only have two lanes so there is only so much you can do.”

9. Kathleen Hutcherson, 66

Baton Rouge, retired educator

“I think in the first place, those big trucks should be rerouted, that’s why we need a loop, then traffic would move freer every day.”