When Dotty Stubbs moved to Natchez, Miss., from Baton Rouge, she didn’t leave behind her allegiance to LSU.

The Natchez Democrat newspaper, in a story on a “Blessing of the Animals” by Grace United Methodist Church, mentions Dotty.

She couldn’t bring her pets to be blessed, so she brought “a photo album full of pictures of her cats, Sneaux and Spot.

“She also brought a framed photograph of the LSU tiger, Mike.”

The Rev. Darian Duckworth, who was doing the blessing, said of Mike, “I don’t think he needs any help.”

‘Life in Looziana’

That’s the name of a new book of “cartoons and commentary” by Fred Mulhearn, whose editorial cartoons have appeared in The Advocate.

The book, which comes out Nov. 1, is dedicated to “the good people of the Gret Stet of Looziana, who have survived hurricanes, flood, oil spills, crooked and incompetent politicians, bad roads, and phony Cajun food — and in spite of it all, still have a wonderful sense of humor.”

This very funny book is available at http://www.fredmulhearn.com or (225) 664-2255.

In a note with my free review copy, Fred reminds me that he paid full price for my book, “Best of Smiley.”

(And don’t think I don’t appreciate that, Fred. …)

Swamp pop alert

Mitch Landry says fans of the swamp pop music at the late lamented Brunet’s Cajun Restaurant can visit LaFleur’s Restaurant on Magnolia Beach Road in Denham Springs.

The restaurant offers swamp pop music and dining from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays. This Sunday’s band is Gumbeaux Rouge.

Worth a trip?

Anna Cochran, of Walker, says she grew up in the era of full-service stations, and still relies on her husband to gas up.

She says he’s concerned about this, “in case, heaven forbid, something should happen to him.

“But I have it all figured out. There is a nice, friendly little full-service station called Hall’s in Poplarville, Miss.

“So if I ever get in a bind I can just take a little trip. …”

Worthy causes

• Rose Rolfsen says the Westminster-Pine Park Civic Association has a food drive Saturday:

“The Food Bank truck will be picking up food beginning at 9 a.m. Residents are asked to place food in bags by their mailboxes. The need is URGENT; please help.”

• The Baker VFW helps the Marines’ “Toys for Tots” program with a 2 p.m. Saturday event with karaoke, ’50s music, cars, an auction, food etc. Admission is one new toy per person. Call (225) 933-9668.

Musical interlude

First United Methodist Church hosts a concert to benefit the LSU School of Music’s General Scholarship Fund at 4 p.m. Sunday.

The First Methodist Chancel Choir, LSU A Cappella Choir, pianist Willis Delony and baritone Dennis Jesse will be accompanied by a full orchestra.

Admission is free; an offering benefits the Scholarship Fund.

Special People Dept.

• Arthur Phillips, of Whealdon Estates, celebrated his 103rd birthday Thursday.

• Mary Berthelot Trabeau celebrates her 96th birthday Sunday.

• Lilly Belle “Ma Belle” Navarre Arcement, a native of Paincourtville now in Napoleonville, celebrates her 95th birthday Sunday.

• Ernestine “Teen” and Ronnie Sammonds celebrate their 66th anniversary Sunday.

• A.J. and Arlene Hymel, of Gramercy, celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday.

• Billy and Kay Bourgeois, of Paulina, celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday.

Playing with words

Marvin Borgmeyer says, “I just became aware of a new term: “lexiphiles.”

He offers some examples of this word play:

“When fish are in schools, they sometimes take debate.”

“When the smog lifts in Los Angeles, UCLA.”

“A dentist and a manicurist married. They fought tooth and nail.”

“A will is a dead giveaway.”

“Police were called to a day care, where a 3-year-old was resisting a rest.”

Mystery candidate

Tom Cagley says, “As I drive around our city these days, I notice the signs in everyone’s yards out near the street.

“After a while and much driving, all the campaign signs and ‘For Sale’ signs kind of blur and run together. Is it my eyesight?

“Is C.J. Brown really running for office again?

“A salesman for the company, Darrell Davis, told me he got 14 votes last election.”