I was in Lafayette when my brother called to tell me of the death of our mother.

On the drive to Oakdale, so many thoughts and memories were swirling around in my head that I felt I needed some music to calm them down.

I reached into the console without looking and pulled out an old Lightning Hopkins CD.

As I listened I felt strangely comforted.

That’s the thing about the blues — although it tells of hard times, there is at the heart of the music a feeling of strength and even joy.

After all, if you’re singing about the bad stuff in your life, you’re not worrying about it.

So, with Lightning telling me about his troubles I rolled into Oakdale to join our little family as we dealt with our loss …

A matter of priorities

Nina and Jim Boone tell of the game that almost wasn’t:

“There were some tense moments for a Texas Peewee football team prior to CBS announcing the time of the LSU-Alabama game.

“Our two grandsons, Jackson and Owen, play for a Bastrop team with only one extra player.

“They have a bowl game on Saturday afternoon.

“If the Tigers had been scheduled for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff, their team would have had to forfeit the game for not having enough players.”

Sorry, Dad

B.J. Gowdy says, “Especially in the South, our men start dreaming about raising a football star the minute that poor boy child is born.

“Recently at a Peewee football game we saw a father’s dreams disappear.

“A tiny 6-year-old boy, all dressed in his uniform complete with pads and helmet, was sitting on the ground.

“He cried, ’But Daddy, I don’t want to play football. I don’t like it.’

“The look on his dad’s face was heartbreaking — all his dreams and hopes dashed on a clear crisp fall Saturday morning.”

Frog wild

Carol Knight says when it’s foggy outside, she remembers the time longtime friend John Whitley had two little girls riding in the back seat of his car.

They were at the age when they were learning to read and were proud of that ability.

As they passed a “Fog Area” sign, one of the girls exclaimed, “Look, Daddy, a Frog Arena!”

Our finest

Janelle Perrone says, “I would like to give a shout of thanks to Officer D. Dyer of the Baton Rouge Police Department for being a Good Samaritan and driving me to an event in downtown Baton Rouge on Friday evening.

“I was not aware that the downtown construction and fenced areas would be blocking my way on my walk, and he so very nicely gave me a ride around it all.”

Worthy causes

A $5 jewelry and accessories sale is being held from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday at Villa Feliciana Medical Complex to benefit the residents’ activity funds. Call Gini Hampton at (225) 634-4055.

Looking for stuff

G. O’Connor is looking for a store that sells fresh Nicaraguan tamales, called “nacatamales,” in the area.

Running story

A “Sticker Stampede” 5K run and one-mile fun run Saturday at St. Joseph’s Academy benefits the SJA Alumnae Scholarship. Visit http://www.sjaconnections.org/stickerstampede.

Special People Dept.

  •  Willie Roubique Sr., of Fordoche, a World War II Army veteran, celebrates his 93rd birthday Thursday.
  •  Margaret Simoneaux, a native of Donaldsonville now living in Thibodaux, celebrates her 90th birthday Thursday.
  •  Mark and Loraine Bruner celebrated 69 years of marriage on Tuesday.
  •  Murphy and “Sweet” Blanchard, of Plaquemine, celebrated their 59th anniversary Tuesday.

Positive identification

Lynette Roberie, of Ville Platte, says, “While reading an ‘ABC Halloween’ book to my grandchildren, Payton, 2 ?, and Alex, 2, I pointed out the letter ‘M’ and pictures of a mummy and a monster on the page.

“I said, ‘M says m-m-m like in monster and mummy.’

“Payton responded with a grin, ‘GiGi, that’s not a mummy, that’s a daddy!’”

“Roll, Car!”

Robert Brown, of Denham Springs, comments on our story about the Birmingham police officer who put a parking ticket on Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s Mercedes.

The Birmingham News reporter who wrote the story wondered if the officer was from Louisiana.

Says Robert, “Had she been from Louisiana, she would have had it towed!”