Marlene Penick tells of some exceptional thoughtfulness:

“For a few years, my brother, Mickey McGuire, was treated for Hodgkin’s disease.

“In 2006 he was hospitalized at Lafayette General Medical Center, where he died shortly after.

“Before he died, his three daughters placed LSU stickers on the two hospital windows in his room to lift his spirits.

“The stickers were visible from the street, and for the last five years when they passed the hospital they had a special memory of their dad.

“Last year the hospital began major renovations, including tearing out windows.

“Although it was a painstaking job, at the request of Mickey’s daughters hospital CEO David Callecod had the contractor save these windows.

“Going far beyond a hospital’s mission statement, he presented them with the two windows last week.”

Good Health U.

Thumbing through the Sept. 5 Newsweek, I came across a story on “The Best Colleges for You,” listing the five top schools in 25 categories, ranging from “Future CEOs” (Harvard) to “Party School” (West Virginia).

The authors looked at “what American kids really care about these days,” and also used sources such as the National Center for Education Standards “and, in one case, even Playboy.”

Under “Healthiest,” I found that LSU ranked just below Harvard in “Schools that have top grades for sexual health, student health care, fitness, and food.”

Also in that category were Mississippi State, Princeton and Middle Tennessee State, a grouping I found a little odd.

To tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure what to make of it. …

Biting wit

One of the items from past columns I ran during my Well-Deserved Vacation was about 5-year-old Nicholas BeJeaux, who said he had a new girlfriend because the old one “started to lose her teeth — and I don’t like women like that.”

I just heard from Nicholas, who says he enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University as an English major in 2009, and is editor-in-chief of The Lion’s Roar student newspaper.

He adds, “I’m very much in love with my girlfriend Maria — and, in case you were wondering, she has perfect teeth.”

Looking for people

Anna Sanders, president of Women Veterans of Louisiana, says the group wants to reach women who served in the Army, Navy, Air Corps, Marines or WASPS during World War II:

“Our group honors all honorably discharged women at their funerals with an Honor Guard detail.

“We would love to meet these ladies and hear the stories of their service in the military during that era.

“They are an important part of the ‘Greatest Generation,’ and we would like to recognize them for their service to our country.”

Call (225) 572-8314 or email

The whole story

Eileen Mechana says the young man who bought a set of the Britannica Great Books of the Western World at Broadmoor United Methodist Church’s garage sale didn’t get all the books.

He can pick the rest up at the church office from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The phone number is (225) 924-6269.

Special People Dept.

Donald and Helene Baudouin celebrate their 65th anniversary Monday.

Thought for the Day

From Mel Prust: “No man is married until he understands every word his wife isn’t saying.”

Burning issue

Roxanne Haerther-Leachman got this story from her daughter, Allison Elliot, about her granddaughter Hailey:

“Hailey got home from school and said to me, ‘Momma, I know why the Martians are burning — it was caused by lightning.’

Her mom explained it was the marshes around New Orleans — after she finished laughing.

That little wascal …

Amy Underwood Christopher, of Mandeville, says daughter Camille, entering kindergarten, “has trouble saying her r’s, so I have been working with her at home.

“Trying to get her to say ‘rabbit,’ I would say ‘say rrr-abbit’ and she would say ‘wabbit.’

“The third time I said ‘say rrr-abbit’ she paused and looked at me and said ‘bunny’ — and laughed and laughed.

“Kindergarten is going to be sooo much fun with this little girl.”

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