Bob and Judy Buckley tell of a 10-year-old hero who put into practice what he learned during Fire Prevention Week:

“Recently our son-in-law Joe was clearing overgrown brush behind their house.

“Our daughter and their three children were helping pick up sticks and putting them in a pile to burn.

“Once lit, the fire rapidly spread to where Joe was standing, and he was engulfed in flames. His chest and arms were literally on fire.

“Alex, their 10-year-old son, screamed, ‘Stop, drop and roll, Daddy! Stop, drop and roll!’

“Joe dropped to the ground and began to roll around, putting the fire out.

“Our daughter Courtney, a nurse, called 911 and EMS took him to Baton Rouge General’s Burn Unit.

“Our family is very grateful for Alex’s quick reaction — ‘Stop, drop and roll’ will forever bring goose-bumps, as well as prayers of thanksgiving from our family.

“Had not Alex (and his brothers Ty and Zach) had Fire Prevention Week at Live Oak Elementary and Child Pro Daycare, we may not have been this fortunate.”

Celebrity priest

Mag Wall tells of standing in line with other parishioners to shake hands with Father Than Vu, the new pastor at St. Aloysius Catholic Church:

“I noticed two young children in front of me. They asked for his autograph, which he gave to them.

“They just happened to be Gov. Bobby Jindal’s children.

“What a switch! It truly amused me, and Father Than and I got a big laugh.”

“Fore!” play

Benny Fruge says the golfing world is counting the days to the 21st annual Babin Invitational Golf Tournament.

Actually, there’s not much counting involved, since it’s Saturday at Copper Mill Golf Club in Zachary.

The event is something like the U.S. Open, in that it’s on a golf course and golfers are involved.

But most of these golfers are named Babin, which is not usually the case at the other event.

Defending champ Louis Babin jets in from Los Angeles to compete with other Babins, and a Fruge or two.

Male call

After I wrote about Kim Seago, an LSU fan in Tennessee, John Torbert and others noticed I used “she” and “her” in referring to Kim:

“Kim ‘Pops’ Seago is a good friend of mine. ‘She’ is a he.”

Good Samaritans

Bobbie Rushing thanks AT&T repairman Gary Worthington for his assistance in getting her disabled husband out of the car on a very hot day following a trip to the doctor:

“That was one day that having disrupted phone service was a godsend.

“Gary did not know he would not only repair the phone line, but be a Boy Scout to help the elderly.

“Our sincere appreciation!”

Worthy causes

• Capital Area CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) starts its 17th annual “Casas for CASA” playhouse fundraiser Saturday at Mall of Louisiana.

Raffle tickets for the playhouse will be sold at the mall, where the playhouse is exhibited, for $5 through Aug. 14.

CASA Kids Day, at noon Aug. 14, is a “fun-filled safety fair.”

Contact Courtney Thompson at (225) 379-8598 or

• Circle Civitan Club sponsors a “hoedown” and jambalaya for people with developmental disabilities Sunday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at American Legion Post 38, 151 S. Wooddale Blvd.

Call Linda at (225) 275-6687.

Special People Dept.

• Joyce and John Valenti celebrated their 65th anniversary Thursday.

• Martha and Tom Cooper celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday.

Well, it rhymes …

Dot Barkley, of Zachary, says when husband Gene, a gent of poetic inclination, got The Advocate Wednesday morning, he said, “I see LSU is going to start making beer; maybe they will call it LSU Brew.”

Dot figures that’s “pretty good for an Ole Miss fan. …”

Put a top on it

As a former convertible owner in my Golden Years, I take issue with the sentiments expressed in this item from Jerry Levy:

“My son Gary Ramirez, who recently celebrated his 51st birthday, was driving with his two daughters, Emma, 11, and Abby, 8.

“He spotted a convertible, and said, ‘What do y’all think of me getting a convertible?’

“Abby said, ‘Well, if you’re going to do it, you’d better do it soon, ‘cause old dudes in a convertible ain’t right.’ ”