There’s not much wind during our summers unless there’s a thunderstorm or tropical storm. Frontal passages will continue for the rest of the year. Following each cold front is a change in wind direction and a change in the “air smell.” The north-northwest winds send us a whiff of the papermills in St. Francisville and Flowers Baking Co. on Florida transports my memories back to Grandma Shirley’s kitchen in Pennsylvania. Back in the day, Mom’s “bakin’ of bread” on Thursdays meant fresh, hot bread after basketball practice, layered with her numerous jams and peanut butter. Another pleasing aroma comes from the Community Coffee facilities when they’re roasting the beans. Maybe you’ll step outside today and catch the scent of a sweet olive tree.

Fastcast: Nippy.

Sunny, with a high near 67. Northerly winds around 5 mph. Tonight: Clear, with a low about 46. Calm winds.