Trish Spears says her uncle, Roderick Wimberley Sr., of Church Point, was an avid reader of The Advocate:

“He read his paper cover to cover every day, and you’d better not interrupt him while he was reading.”

She says he was a leader in community sports and especially enjoyed The Advocate’s sports coverage.

Roderick died June 4 at the age of 77, and his family honored his special wish: He was buried with a copy of The Advocate on his chest.

Now that is a faithful reader. …

Marvelously messy

Bill Smith adds to our seminar on the tomato sandwich:

“If you can eat a tomato sandwich without leaning over the kitchen sink, you haven’t made it right.

“For an occasional variation, try sprinkling a little freshly chopped basil leaves or dried basil on the tomatoes. Great!”

Heroic action

The parents and grandparents of 4-year-old Peter Eunice, of Denham Springs, thank 13-year-old Jahmea Williams for saving Peter from drowning at a Saturday birthday party at North Park’s pond:

“The kids were ‘fishing’ with nets at the edge of the steps.

“Suddenly, and before anyone realized what had happened, Jahmea was leading a dripping and crying little boy to us, his orange balloon still tied to his wrist.

“ ‘I saw the balloon — I went and pulled him out of the pond,’ she said.

“The murky water was over 5 feet deep.”

Parents Phoebe and William Eunice and grandparents Julie and Tim Ashton say, “We cannot thank Jahmea enough for her instant reaction.

“Drowning can occur in two minutes; we consider this a miracle of the first order.

“That she was dressed in a lovely white summer dress only adds to our awe and wonder!

“She is our forever angel, and a true heroine.”

Zella who?

Sara Lemon adds to our series on mishearing names:

“Shortly after moving here from Mississippi in 1960, I met a girl, and later asked a mutual friend how ‘Zella Houssey’ was.

“After the answer ‘Who?’ I said, ‘Zella Houssey; you know, Zella Della.’

“It was explained to me that ‘Zella Della’ was not a rhyming nickname, but that her name was Zella Delahoussaye.

“I still think ‘Zella Della’ is cute.”

Off to Peru

Friendship Force of Baton Rouge invites “adventuresome people interested in getting to know people from other cultures” to travel to Peru in October.

Trip participants will live with families in two different cities. An optional trip to Machu Picchu is planned.

Contact Darwin Knochenmus at or (225) 654-2797.

Worthy causes

A Saturday benefit at Clicks on Corporate will help Trey Thompson, an East Baton Rouge EMS paramedic being treated for a brain tumor.

Festivities start at 7 p.m. and include music, door prizes, an auction, raffle and more.

Call Sandy Miller, (225) 241-9943, or Abbie Brumfield, (225) 572-9021.

Special People Dept.

Robert E. “Bob” Couhig celebrates his 95th birthday Tuesday.

JoPaul and Sylvia Steiner celebrated their 71st anniversary Monday.

Dr. Milton Giles Fort Jr. and Dr. Wana Ann Gibson Fort celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary Tuesday. He’s a World War II veteran.

Jimmy and Jewell Varnado celebrate 66 years of marriage Tuesday.

Rufus and Violet Reynolds Price celebrate their 64th anniversary Tuesday.

Curtis and Eleanor Mitchell celebrated their 62nd anniversary Sunday.

Al and Mary Ann Guitrau, of Denham Springs, celebrate their 60th anniversary Tuesday.

Thought for the Day

From Gerald Hubenak: “Isn’t it scary that doctors call what they do ‘practice?’ ”

It ain’t me, Mike

Mike Humble says it was nice of me to let the FUN section people use my photo on the cover of the Friday edition.

But no, Mike, it wasn’t me; it was some other muscular guy, taking part in a bodybuilding and fitness competition.

However, I can understand your mistake. …

Quick fix

Bob Hernandez, of Watson, says our story of the “Mr. Badwrench” auto mechanic reminds him of the guy who brought his car in for a brake repair:

“When he went in to pick up his car, the mechanic told him, ‘I couldn’t fix your brakes, so I made your horn louder.’ ”