My column Friday noted the anniversary of “The Perfect Storm” in 1991. The effects of Hurricane Grace and an offshore low pressure system caused extensive damage and became known as the Halloween Storm. Hurricane-force winds nailed New England with the highest tides since the Great Atlantic Hurricane of ’44. Today another nor’easter will hit this area. A nor’easter is a cyclonic storm on the east coast of North America where coastal winds originate from the northeast and the most violent of these storms occur between September and April. Complicating this storm are leaves. Trees holding fall foliage will be coated with thick, wet snow causing limbs to snap and power outages. Early estimates are 10 to 15 inches of snow in Harrisburg, Penn., and a foot in Philadelphia. Fastcast: Fall-like.

Sunny, with a high near 71 degrees. Easterly wind around 5 mph. Tonight, clear, with a low about 42 degrees. Calm wind.