On going hog wild in Louisiana

Every year when the weather turns a bit cool — down here that’s around Halloween — I recall one of my favorite “Only in Louisiana” moments.

Years ago I was walking into the downtown post office when I overheard a conversation between two gents in front of me.

When one commented on how cool the weather had turned, the other guy remarked, “Yeah, it makes me feel like killing a pig!”

Nostalgia corner

Jack Kemp says some memories of old Baton Rouge involve simple things, such as getting hot uncut bread from the retail store of the Wolf’s Bakery on Florida.

If you didn’t live too far away, it would still be hot when you got home to slather it with butter.

But, Jack says, sometimes the aroma overtook you and you just devoured it on the spot.

He adds, “We would probably wax nostalgic more often if only we could remember.”

Take that, squirrels!

You know things are tough when we start eating acorns.

Mike Bourgeois came across a recipe for acorn pancakes on the Old Farmer’s Almanac website, and says this traditional Native American food “might prove to be an interesting alternative to hunting/fishing camp fare.”

The website is http://www.almanac.com/cooking/recipes/search?keys=ACORNS.

It tells how to leach the tannin from acorns by boiling, and how to grind acorns to make them a pancake ingredient.

Good Samaritans

Nell Bozeman, of Zachary, says, “While opening my gate one afternoon I passed out in my driveway.

“I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the three good Samaritans who stopped to help me. I really appreciate them reaching out in my time of need.”

Looking for stuff

Connie Renee Boudreaux says, “With the weather turning cooler, Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge is in need of hats and turbans for clients undergoing chemotherapy.”

Donations can be brought to 550 Lobdell Ave. Call (225) 927-2273 for more information.

Worthy causes

Scott’s Wish, which aids leukemia patients and families, benefits from a “Dine Out Fundraiser” on Wednesday and Thursday at California Pizza Kitchen in Perkins Rowe.

The restaurant will donate 20 percent of proceeds on those days if patrons mention the promotion to their server.

Scott’s Wish was founded by family and friends in memory of Scott Lala, a leukemia patient who died in 2008.

Call (225) 243-7738 or go to http://www.ScottsWish.org.

The team’s doc

A friend of the late Dr. Richard Moon, of Plaquemine, says that during his 50-year practice, Dr. Moon was team physician for Plaquemine High’s football team for 43 years:

“He may have missed 10 games in that time due to other commitments.

“He treated Plaquemine team members and members of other teams who were injured, even taking some to the hospital for treatment in his own vehicle.

“He loved his boys and his patients — his was old-time dedication.”

Made in USA

Hal Filgo says readers who want American flags made in this country can go to Annin & Co., (973) 228-9400; Valley Forge Flag, (877) 734-2458 or C.F. Flag (800) 633-2070.

And Frances says the Pendant Shop in Metairie, on Metairie Road, makes flags for all occasions, including American flags. Call (504) 837-8420.

Technically correct

Recently one of Bertha Hinojosa’s gifted kindergarten kids asked for the definition of a “baby boomer.”

Bertha replied that this was the term used to identify children born after World War II.

The student exclaimed, “Then I am a baby boomer too!”

Hang in there, Maw Maw!

Celeste Myers says, “My daughter Heather has two children: Madeline, almost 7, and William, 4.

“She is having another baby, and all four of us went to watch the ultrasound of the baby and hear the heartbeat.

“When Heather went in to see the doctor I took the grandkids outside to play.

“I was sitting at a table when Madeline came up to me and said, ‘Maw Maw, I want to ask you something.’

“I could see she was having a little trouble getting it out.

“Finally she said, ‘Maw Maw, are you going to be alive when the baby is born? You know, the baby won’t be here until April!’

“And I thought I looked good for my age!”

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