Walt Handelsman: Cartoon Caption contest Winners!

Flying Food!!!

For this St. Patrick’s Day contest we had a cornucopia of creative concepts thrown to us!  With over 130 entries to pick from, we caught topics ranging from politics to puns plus everything in between! All clever and fun!!

The winner really got into the spirit of the season with a caption that fit the cartoon perfectly. Let’s all raise a glass of green beer to all who entered! A job well done.

The winner and finalists are listed below:


Mary Fox Tebo --- Baton Rouge, LA  (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Kenneth Hoffman --- New Orleans, LA  “STEW DAT!”

Dennis M. Maciasz --- Zachary, LA  “Eat your heart out, Amazon.com. This is free shipping. ”

Christy Paxson--- New Orleans, LA “ Good thing cabbage is a cancer fighter —‘cause you just lost your healthcare!”

Martin Audiffred --- Lafayette, LA  “Get a basket, it’s March Madness.”

Louis J. Aubert --- New Orleans, LA  “Best “Meals on Wheels” EVER!!!!!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! 





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