On May 11, The Advocate published an article with the headline “Metro Council to take up funding for Town Square” on the front page of the South Louisiana section. The article noted that the Metro Council was scheduled to consider spending an additional $1 million on the Town Square construction downtown later that day. What was the outcome of this very important item, as well as how our council members voted on it?

The (East Baton Rouge Parish) Metro Council voted at the May 11 meeting to approve the $1 million for additional improvements in Town Square.

The vote was unanimous, with Councilman Scott Wilson and Councilwoman C. Denise Marcelle absent from the vote.?

Half of the $1 million will be used to construct an overhang for the Galvez Plaza stage that will serve as a sculptural element and as a stage cover during rain.

The other half of the money will be used to smooth the connectivity between Galvez Plaza and Repentance Park to improve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.?Galvez Plaza and Repentance Park are located adjacent to City Hall and the Baton Rouge River Center.?The funding was made available through state sales tax on hotel occupancy, which is dedicated to the Baton Rouge River Center Fund. The fund is reserved for capital improvements for the River Center, Louisiana Art and Science Museum and projects in the Riverfront Development Plan.?

The full cost of the downtown renovation, which includes revamping?Town?Square, Galvez Plaza and Repentance Park, has totaled about $12.1 million. The majority of that money came from state sales tax rebates and the city-parish general fund.?Additional funding came from federal and state grants.

Road repairs

Can you find out who is responsible for repairing the shoulder of La. 931, which was apparently excavated during the construction of the?exit lane from La. 931 onto Stonegate Manor Drive?(in Ascension Parish) and when repairs will be made?

Ronnie Fairchild, director of Ascension Parish Department of?Public Works, responds:

“This was dug out by the contractor during the installation of the turn lane for Stonegate Manor. Due to all the rain we have been experiencing, ?he has not been able to complete the job. Our inspection department will contact him and advise of the unsafe conditions.”

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