On the Labor Day anniversary of Gustav, we’re eyeballing Lee’s landfall Sunday morning. Government officials in Vermont expressed appreciation to the federal response, which reminded me of another response following Katrina. As noted in a previous column, FEMA purchased 182 million pounds of ice for hurricane victims, determining that truck delivery was faster and cheaper. After exhausting attempts to “liquidate” the ice only 40 percent was used; the remaining ice was sent to “needy” locations. One truck left Wisconsin, traveled to Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and Maryland; and ended in Iowa. When Rita slammed Cameron Parish, the same truck headed back to Louisiana, awaiting orders. One frustrated driver traveled through 22 states before donating his load to polar bears at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson.

Fastcast: Rainy.

Tropical storm conditions possible. High near 85. Easterly winds 30 mph to 40 mph; gusts as high as 55 mph. Chance of rain is 100 percent. Tonight, tropical storm conditions expected. Possibly thunderstorms. Low about 75. Easterly winds 35 mph to 45 mph; gusts as high as 65 mph. Chance of rain is 100 percent.