Look out below!!!!

Wow! We received 249 entries this time and there were some very interesting approaches. Some went with outright funny, others were a bit pithier and several went with a more serious statement for this serious topic. No matter how it was handled, it’s obviously an issue that struck a chord with readers.

The winner and finalists are:


Carolyn Dupré, Denham Springs (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Marie H. Minton, Morgan City: “If I fall, we all fall!”

Gil Ramos, Mandeville: “We’ve got to stop meeting like this!”

William A. Schultz, New Orleans: “This is not my idea of higher education!”

Cathy Lancon, Baldwin: “With each legislative session, I feel like Wile. E. Coyote!”

Philip Pusateri, Metairie: “You wouldn’t be referring to it as a “Shortfall” if you were in my shoes!”

Greg Derbes, Baton Rouge: “I hope you people realize the gravity of the situation.”

Jacki Giesey, Amite: “If this is TOPS, then what’s at the bottom??”

David Johnson, Baton Rouge: “This isn’t the physics lesson I was anticipating!”

Stuart Clark, Lafayette: “Hey, could you stop the finger pointing up there for a second and drop a rope?”

Mark D. Haase, River Ridge: “Are you sure it’s just a METAPHORICAL cliff?!”

 Impressive job, everyone!

~ Walt


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