Well, the reviews are in on presidential candidate Buddy Roemer’s heralded appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show (actually, just my review is in), and the consensus (actually, just my consensus) is that the former Louisiana governor did pretty well.

Buddy, unlike some guests on “The Colbert Report,” seemed to realize he was on a satirical show (the fact that it’s on Comedy Central should be a clue), and seemed relaxed and enjoying himself.

He even got two rounds of cheers and applause from the studio audience — once when he pledged “not to listen to the special interests with the big checks,” and once when he compared the big spenders in political races to “hogs in a trough” and urged, “Kick ’em out!”

Stephen, who’s been satirizing the big political action committees by creating his own “Super PAC” and accepting donations, told Buddy they couldn’t work together because his PAC couldn’t support a candidate.

He even put a “cone of silence” over his head when Buddy told of his campaign plans — accepting donations of no more than $100 from each person, and no PAC money.

When he took off the cone, Stephen asked Buddy if it made any sense.

And Buddy replied, “No sense at all.”

Maybe so, but it was fun to watch. …

Loving and leaving

Buddy Knox has another story about personalized license plates:

“I have been involved with the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center’s suicide prevention and survivor support programs for about the last 16 years.

“Several years ago I decided to get a personalized license that would encourage folks who are contemplating suicide to choose to live. My plate is CHUZ2LV.

“People frequently ask me what the plate means, and I ask them what do they think it means.

“Almost all say ‘choose to love’; a few have said ‘choose to live’; and a number of people (almost all males) have said ‘choose to leave.’

“It’s amazing what you can learn about what a person is thinking simply by asking a simple question!”

Complaint du jour

L.P. Miller, who evidently has way too much time on his hands, issues this culinary gripe:

“Why can’t I consistently get a nice bowl of soup du jour? Everywhere I go, it’s different.

“Last week they brought me ‘tomato biscuit’ but I never did find the biscuit.

“Next day, split pea — although I must admit the peas were very well split.

“Is there a shortage of du jours? I can’t find du jours at Winn-Dixie, Albertson’s, Target — not even Whole Foods.

“You would think that here, the eatin’ capital of the free world, there would always be soup du jour you could depend on.”

Worthy causes

Susan Zafutto says a benefit for Tripp Roth, of Ponchatoula, will be held Saturday at S&T Inflatables indoor play center, 45616 University Park Blvd., Hammond.

Tripp, son of Randy and Courtney Roth, was born in May of 2009, and diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa (“EB”), a condition in which the skin blisters at the slightest contact.

Food will be donated and cooked by the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club, and soft drinks and more food will be donated by the Hammond Police Department and the Hammond Fraternal Order of Police. There is also a raffle and auction.

Call (985) 542-9800 or (985) 969-5176.

Happy returns

A reader thanks “the wonderful and honest person for returning my wallet I lost in the Ralph’s Supermarket parking lot on Jones Creek Road.

“I would also thank Ms. Cathy, the store manager, for calling me to let me know.

“Yes, we do have honest people in Baton Rouge.”

Special People Dept.

• Viola LaDay of the Acadia-St. Landry Nursing Home in Church Point celebrates her 101st birthday Wednesday.

• Mary Boeta of St. Clare Manor celebrates her 96th birthday Wednesday.

The ancient one

Gerald Hubenak says, “My son decided I was so old I should stop going to a general practitioner and put myself in the hands of an archaeologist.

(“Guess where he stands in the will?”)

Words of warning

Shirley Fleniken says she saw this sign recently: