Dudley Lehew says his favorite season is upon us: “Leftover Halloween Candy Season.”

In the spirit of the season he offers “Five Friendly Facts for your readers who also are looking forward to the days and weeks AFTER Halloween:”

“1. Buy only the kind of candy YOU like!

“Nothing worse than biting into orange and black thingees you can’t identify.

“2. Set up a table and chair at the street so you won’t have to keep jumping up and down when the doorbell rings.

“(But do not take ALL your candy stash outside. If you have a limited amount of candy in the bowl, it helps minimize goblins’ expectations.)

“3. Only give each goblin three pieces of candy, reminding them that times are tough.

“Or repeat what we were told as kids: ‘Be grateful. They’re starving in Armenia!’

“4. Borrow your neighbor’s pit bull and keep it in a cage nearby.

“After all, ‘A Growl a Day Keeps the Goblins Away!’

“5. Do NOT wear a costume. It only draws attention to yourself and makes you appear sympathetic.

“DO slip in a pair of ‘Bubba teeth’ and flash big smiles. It helps remind chaperoning parents that lots of candy rots teeth!”

Say no to robo

Tommy Millet, of Gramercy, proposes a new grass-roots protest movement called “Annoy:”

“Its purpose would be to compel legislators to have the courage and decency to outlaw the practice of political robo-calls.

“Smiley, phone me at home if this tactic is successful.

“But leave a message, because I am certain I will ignore your call.”

Wrong Tiger

Mike Humble comments on our Thursday item about a Birmingham, Ala., officer who gave University of Alabama Coach Nick Saban’s car a parking ticket.

The Birmingham News wondered if she was from Louisiana.

Says Mike, “She is not from Louisiana; she is from Auburn.”

Endless campaigns

Rose Rolfsen says, “My memory sometimes fails me. Did I vote?

“I see so many political signs up, I’m thinking that maybe the election is yet to come. Please help!”

Le game

Sybil Boizelle says, “On a recent trip to France, I was channel-surfing late one night and found an ESPN station.

“Right before my eyes, I saw the LSU vs. Florida game, live from Tiger Stadium.

“What a surprise and what a treat!”

Gumbo for a cause

Two organizations working to restore Tuscaloosa., Ala., areas devastated by April tornadoes benefit from “LouisiBama Gumbo Bowl” before the LSU-Alabama game Nov. 5.

Nick’s Kids Fund (http://www.nickskidsfund.com/) and Caring Days Adult Day Care (http://www.campaignforcaring.org/) will be helped by the event.

Chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto join Alabama football legend Bob Baumhower to create the world’s largest pot of gumbo for tailgaters on the University of Alabama campus.

There is also a “Gumbo Bowl” cook-off with four LSU fans and four Alabama fans matching cooking skills.

Get tickets at http://gumbobowl2011.ticketbud.com/tornado-relief.

Looking for stuff

Alliance House Drop-In Center, a program of the Mental Health Association for Greater Baton Rouge, needs donations to purchase art supplies for its “Arts for Wellness” workshops, for people with chronic, severe mental illness.

In-kind donations are also welcome. Needed are academic quality acrylic paint, high quality tempera paint, brushes and white pallet plates.

Monetary donations may be mailed to the Mental Health Association, 544 Colonial Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806. Supplies may be dropped off at the office.

Call Katherine or Melissa at (225) 929-7674 for details 8:30 am. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Good Samaritans

Ron wants to locate and thank “the man who helped my wife get out of the car in a wreck at O’Neal and Florida on Oct. 20.”

Ron’s at (225) 275-9835.

Thought for the Day

From Richard M. Gibson, of Lafayette: “Money is a wonderful thing; it’s a shame you waste so much time making it.”

Small talk

Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, says, “My home town was so small our high school changed its colors so the boys could wear their John Deere caps for graduation.”

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