Years ago, I was enjoying lunch with Norman Saurage, of Community Coffee. From Norman’s years of experience, he knew whether our cups of coffee were brewed properly and if they were fresh, stale or slightly stale. The New York Times reports coffee production is threatened by global warming. British agricultural specialists analyze growing trends and the environment and believe climate change is harming crops across Central and South America. The high-end specialty coffee, Arabica, which is more popular and expensive than Robusta, could become nonexistent. Scientists believe it is premature to identify weather patterns directly related to warming. Cenicafe, the national coffee research center, is working with geneticists to develop coffee plants more resistant to heavy rains and heat.

Fastcast: Spotty rain, muggy.

A 30 percent chance of showers. Partly sunny, high near 89. Calm winds. Tonight: 0 percent chance of storms. Mostly cloudy, low about 68. Calm winds.