As I’ve said before, most of my “cute kid” tales come from grandparents, not parents.

I assume this is because grandparents, not being involved in the day-to-day struggle to rear them, have more time to sit back and admire the cuteness of the kiddies.

This little story illustrates the difference between parents’ and grandparents’ attitudes:

Ruth Brown says, “I always worried when we kept the grandchildren that they were not eating properly.

“My husband, not a worrier, advised me: ‘Stop worrying; we are only responsible for keeping the children alive until their parents return.’ ”

Childspeak revisited

Kitty Kat, of Prairieville, says, “When my son Kris was little he sometimes told us he had a ‘tensapur’ (temperature).

“And he called his grandparents in Mississippi ‘Maw-maw-sippi’ and ‘Paw-paw-sippi.’

“Even though the grandparents have passed on, we still lovingly refer to them in that way.”

They’re watching …

John LaCarna says this about our item on revisiting old places through satellite maps:

“Yeah, I have fun with those satellite maps on the Web too.

“Ya know, maybe I’m paranoid, but it makes me wonder what ‘they’ can see that ‘they’re’ not telling us about.”

Do the bump

Dan Burkhalter, the Carencro Curmudgeon, prefaced this note with the request that we tell our younger readers that Arthur Murray was a popular dance instructor:

“The contractor doing an overlay on I-49 in St. Landry Parish is obviously a former student of Arthur Murray.

“All of the signs say, ‘Bump, Dip, Bump, Bump, Dip, Bump.’

“Sounds like a new dance craze, ‘The Orange Barrel Two-Step.’ ”

Coming up roses

Jean Kirkland says the latest issue of Louisiana Life magazine tells of the 1931 Tulane football team that played in the Rose Bowl against USC:

“Although they were defeated 21-12, the Greenies were proud of their efforts and came home welcomed by thousands of fans.

“The train carrying the players home stopped in Plaquemine. My mother, Regina Delacroix Kirkland, was chosen to present a bouquet of red roses to All-American end Jerry Dalrymple.

“My father was on the Tulane freshman team in 1926, but did not stay at Tulane four years.

“We always had a place in our hearts for the Green Wave.”

Stuff it

After the closing of Brunet’s Cajun Restaurant left readers asking for hushpuppy sources, we heard from Leila Pitchford-English with another request:

“Now that Brunet’s is closed, I’m really craving some petite stuffed bread. Any chance you can get us the recipe?”

Worthy causes

Sarah Lichterman, of the Greek Board of Directors at LSU, says Habitat for Humanity and the LSU Greek community seek votes to win a $50,000 “Pepsi Refresh Grant.”

Text “108818” to “73774” or go online at to vote. Vote once a day until Oct. 5. For information go to

LSU fraternities and sororities hold “Greek Week” in the spring to fund and build two homes in an eight-day blitz involving more than 1,000 students, supervised by volunteer construction workers.

Special People Dept.

• Louise and Sam Bacot celebrated 65 years of marriage on Thursday.

• Margie and Fred Frey celebrate their 59th anniversary Tuesday.

• Donald and Betty Kershaw celebrated their 57th anniversary Sunday.

• Jim and Betty Carruth Prejean, of Houma, celebrate their 52nd anniversary Tuesday.

• William C. “Chip” and Judie Morrison, formerly of New Roads and now in Weatherford, Texas, celebrated their 50th anniversary Friday — at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, where they spent their honeymoon.

Floury tribute

“Sept. 8 is observed in the Catholic Church as the birthday of Mary, Jesus’ mother,” says Sandra Brown.

“In honor of this day, our daughter Casey baked a birthday cake for her son Thomas to take to his kindergarten class at St. George School.

“Her oldest son, Hayden, watching his mother decorate the cake, inquired, ‘Why couldn’t Mary’s mom bake the cake?’ ”

Double their fun

Harriet St.Amant says, “It has occurred to me that personal injury lawyers could branch out a bit and take a few libel cases as well.

“That way they could add insult to injury.”