Northeasterners are experts in snowstorms. We are also experts in hurricane preparation. Hurricane Floyd bopped New York City in 1996, sending flooding rain and damaging wind into the Hudson Valley. Floyd’s winds were 60 mph. Irene’s winds will run from 75 to 95. New Yorkers will experience 12 to 24 hours of tropical-storm and hurricane-force winds. Some of the 5,912 skyscrapers in the city will be damaged. Winds of 50 mph at ground level increases 10 mph for every 10 floors, reaching 100 at the top. Storm surge, similar to Ike’s flooding of Texas, will unload 500 million tons of seawater over lower Manhattan, filling the Holland Tunnel and disrupting subways for weeks. Alignment of the sun, Earth and moon gravity will increase the pull on the seawater.

Fastcast: Less humid.

Sunny and hot, with a high near 97 degrees. Northwesterly winds between 5 and 10 mph. Tonight, mostly clear, with a low about 71 degrees. Northwesterly winds around 5 mph becoming calm.