On this date in 1689, lightning zapped the altar in the church of Saint-Sauveur, in Ligny, France. According to the “Almanac of the Infamous, Incredible and Ignored,” 50 witnesses watched a statue of Christ levitate. Altar cloths were scorched and curtains were blown off their rings, but the rings remained on the rod. In 1812, in Combe Hay, Somerset, U.K., six sheep were killed by lightning but tattooed pictures of the landscape were on their skin. Two similar incidents occurred in Greece where a sailor, struck by lightning, had a shadowgraph of the number 44 on his body, attached to a nearby rigging. Another sailor in the Adriatic was hit while sitting below the mast. Imprinted on his groin was the image of a horseshoe, nailed to the foremast.

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