After Hurricane Irene hit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Betty Bergeron got this note from her niece in North Carolina about the niece’s 4-year-old son Reid, who was fascinated to hear about the “Otter Vanks:”

“Yesterday morning, Reid woke up and said he wanted to go to the beach, specifically the ‘Otter Vanks.’

“While little sister Halley and I ate breakfast, he started packing for our beach trip.

“Here is what went into the beach bag: carton of tomatoes, one zucchini, one squash, 12 cups, five boxes of cereal, lime juice, lemon juice, two 2-liters of soda, nightlights, Stella’s dog bed, the sugar canister, every single utensil out of the drawer, two guitars, two rakes and two shovels.

“After all this, he went upstairs, put his bathing suit on and said he was ready to go!

“Off to the beach we went and had a fabulous time.

“OK, really, it was a lake about 20 minutes from our house, but there was sand, so don’t tell!

“Last night when I put him to bed after our fabulous day, he said, ‘Tomorrow we’re going to the mountains!’

“Oh dear …”

Agony of de feet

As I left the office to go speak to the Piney Woods ExxonMobil Annuitant Club at Kristenwood Catering, I stumbled — and looked down to see that the sole had separated from one of my shoes.

I limped into the meeting with one shoe flapping, where the jokester Carrol Jordan, who goes by “The Generic Cajun,” suggested a remedy.

He said I could also write about it, under the title “Duct Tape Saved My Sole.”

Short and sweet

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says our mention of notes on the boss’ wall reminds him of one he saw on a bulletin board under “Work Rules”:

“Rule No. 1: See what needs to be done.

“Rule No. 2: Do it.”

The number-cruncher

Cathy H. Arnett says that after she paid for her coffee at the Starbucks in Towne Center, the barista asked if she wanted her receipt:

“I said, ‘Yes, I need a receipt. I’m married to an engineer. They’re about as bad as accountants.’

“I then looked at the patiently waiting man on my left, who had a very big grin on his face.

“Naturally, he admitted he was an accountant.

“He went on to explain that he had installed an abacus on his home computer (proving he had a sense of humor).

“I, however, was red-faced!”

The music places

Rob Payer says Baton Rouge Magnet High School’s student-operated radio stations WBRH-FM, 90.3 and KBRH-AM, 1260 will be holding a fall fund drive Saturday through Sept 25.

Says Rob: “This is a great opportunity to support education, and also to keep great music on the air in south Louisiana!”

The stations feature a variety of locally produced tunes and hometown musicians, and in addition are an excellent source for blues, R&B, jazz, rockabilly, Cajun music — and on Saturday, the old-time rock and roll of the Brothers Montalbano.

Worthy causes

“Kids’ Night Out” from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday at C.G.’s Gymnastics, 14550 Florida Blvd., benefits LSU cheerleading coach Chico Garcia and the Riffle family (Jack and Elizabeth Riffle and their son and daughter), who were all injured in a recent boating accident.

The event for children ages 5-18 features gymnastics, games, space walk, pizzas and more.

Call (225) 275-5597 or email

Looking for people

The Baton Rouge Rape Crisis Center seeks volunteer phone and hospital advocates.

Training classes start Sept. 20.

Call (225) 389-3456 or email

Special People Dept.

Ruth Byers celebrates her 90th birthday Wednesday.

Miss Impatience

Ruth Brown says, “My great-granddaughter, who is barely 4 years of age, had finished her breakfast.

“She asked her dad to lift her out of her chair.

“When he did not respond soon enough, her next words were, ‘Dad, I’m not getting any younger.’ ”

Childspeak revisited

Della Neely-Stout says, “My goddaughter Caitlin, having just moved back to the United States from Japan (where my brother was stationed with the Navy), was trying to describe where a mosquito had bitten her.

“ ‘It itches me!’ she exclaimed with much frustration, not yet adjusted to Florida and its winged pests. ‘It stung me in my kneepit!’

“That’s a good description of the area behind one’s knee.”