Sometimes when I’m a little riled up by rotten politics, reprehensible politicians and the vile motives of some folk, I write a little something for myself.

A bad day can draw me to the keyboard.

I usually write about 300 to 400 words of emotional release that stays on the computer. It’s written as a letter to the public, but it is really just a private screed to me.

Lord knows I don’t want everyone to know how cranky I can get. I read it, chew on it and in a few minutes I feel a little better. Then, I delete it.

I violated that practice a few days ago. My mind and emotions, like those of so many others, were being tugged and slapped around because the our country appears to be headed toward anarchy.

I, like the majority of Americans that did not vote for President Donald Trump, have become more incredulous by the strange rhetoric, childish twitter rants and outright lies coming from the leadership of the free world.

Unable to control myself, I took to the Internet in one of my longest rants because I saw so many other people who are as concerned as I am about the trajectory of the country. Also, I was concerned about how much brain space and time Trump was consuming of me and others.

So I put this on Facebook.

Excuse some of the grammatical errors, I mean, after all, this is Social Media, not the late Eleanor Jones’ 9th-grade accelerated English class at McKinley Junior High.

Dear friends who are troubled by how Trump, (Counselor to the President Kellyanne) Conway and (presidential Press Secretary Sean) Spicer can lie and say outlandish stuff that would crush anyone else, but not them.

Stop being surprised. Move on with your lives. Trump supporters don't care. He is their middle finger flashed at liberals and everyone else who are not Trumpites.

There is absolutely nothing he could do or not do that will make them budge. Even if the country slides into a ditch, they won't believe it, or say it’s fake news.

Stop being confounded and conflicted. This is where we are. We must gather ourselves and figure out how to get our folk motivated. Grumbling gets nothing done.

And, in the meantime we need to convince some of Trump's lukewarm supporters that we are going to be different from him and the current state of the Democratic Party. We must gather to win council and alderman races, mayoral contests and state house fights.

Stop crying about Trump. If somehow he succeeds in improving the country, then how wonderful it will be. But, I don't see that right now.

Get to thinking about the next election. Build our neighborhoods and direct our capital where it will benefit those that do well by us.

Improve our schools and do whatever is possible to lessen crime in our communities. We need to gather the spoils after this devastating loss and figure how to be winners again.

By the time I finished I felt I had released some of the angst I had been feeling.

I was surprised by the how quickly people responded. One that simply said “Preach” made me smile. Where I’m from, that simple word means you really reached someone. I hope I did. Then there was one other: “Thank you for the wake up call.”

As crazy as it will get, those that want to make a difference, should be organizing new political leadership and rebranding. They should be preparing to expand into rural America, rural Louisiana, and setting their sights on every local, regional and statewide race on the calendar.

Ignore Trump’s vulgarity and misuse of power as much as possible and focus on real changes in your backyards and neighborhoods. That’s where change is made.

The last comment about a “wake up call” from my Facebook reader made me think of the lyrics of the 1970s R&B song “Wake Up Everybody.” It said in part:

“The world won't get no better;/If we just let it be;

The world won't get no better;/We gotta change it yeah;

Just you and me.”


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