This is election day. I sincerely hope you will go out and vote if you have not done so already. This might sound cheesy, but I still buy into the notion that too many people died or were maimed for me to have the right to vote for me not to vote in any election.

If none of the candidates or amendments captures your attention, and trust me, I feel you on that, just hold your nose and cast a ballot for the least worst. I voted early, and, trust me, it was painful to cast a ballot for some candidates.

But please vote. Who knows, you just accidentally may find a candidate who will do the right thing for all the people while in office.

That said, now let’s get to something that is getting more bizarre by the day. It’s called Donald Trump. This is also funny in a sick way.

For the 11 of you who are not familiar with abbreviations on social media, I need to explain that LOL stands for laugh out loud. It essentially means that the writer is tickled at something.

So imagine I say Donald Trump, and that is followed by 500 LOLs. That obviously means I am laughing quite a lot, probably uncontrollably to the point that I might be snorting.

The self-absorbed billionaire leads in every poll taken determining who is the favorite to win the Republican presidential nomination.

Now, I find out that some party officials might be cooking up a strategy to blow him out of the water. They are afraid he isn’t sinking his own campaign as was expected. So they are going to violate the Ronald Reagan doctrine of not attacking another Republican. So this is me LOLing 200 times.

It’s a genuine surprise to me that Republicans would want to choose a guy who doesn’t know leaders of major foreign countries or much else about foreign policy. He says he will bomb the Islamic State terrorist group out of existence. Well, it will take more than bombs to do that, because the Islamic State is an idea, not just a group. Also, not all Islamic State fighters are huddled together in one spot.

And why are party leaders not supporting Trump’s proposal to build a wall to keep immigrants from Mexico from entering the U.S. illegally? Experts estimate that building and maintaining such a 1,954-mile border spanning four states would cost tens of billions of dollars and require thousands of border guards, soldiers and drones. So what, Trump says, he will get Mexico to pay for it. Imagine 300 more LOLs.

Now, I hear that a Republican leader in South Carolina is discussing the possibility of organizing a super PAC hit squad to pour millions of dollars into derailing Trump.

“It’s about telling the story of what it will look like if he’s our nominee: ‘This is how many (GOP) congressmen will lose if Trump is the nominee,’ ” said former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson.

As I write this column, Trump has not called Dawson an idiot or a loser, but I feel it will happen.

And I guess he will have to add Katie Packer Gage, who was deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney in 2012, to that “loser” list. “At some point,” Gage said recently, “somebody is going to have to run ads against this guy.”

Actually, I should be angry with those people interested in undermining Trump. The guy made my heart swell with something when he said on an Albany, New York, talk radio show that he would fare well with African-American voters.

“I have a great relationship with the blacks,” he said. “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.” For some unexplained reason, I have been slow in sending letters to “the blacks” I know to support him.

And while they aren’t saying it now, my guess is there is a super PAC warming up in the bullpen waiting to scuttle Dr. Ben Carson should he assume the top Republican presidential candidate’s position.

As someone who likes to have something to write about, I say in my best Forrest Gump movie voice, “Run, Trump. Run.”

Edward Pratt, a south Louisiana freelance writer, can be reached at