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When the public charter school inhabiting the long-frayed physical shell of Prescott Middle suffered two feet of water in the floods, the teachers and staff of Democracy Prep like many others in the Baton Rouge area and across southeastern Louisia…

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Maybe it is hard to believe after the horrendous events of last year, natural and man-made, but it's a pretty good time for East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome to assume the post she won in December's runoff election.

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Secretary of State Tom Schedler had a winner when he talked the family of the late George Rodrigue to use the artist’s signature Blue Dog on the “I Voted!” stickers. They’ve been popular at polling places during the high-turnout presidential election.

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Seems hardly fair, as the rest of the nation assesses the consequences of the Make America Great Concert Tour, and thanks a merciful God that the commercials are over, we’re just getting started in Louisiana, and particularly in Baton Rouge.

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If your dad was Hale Boggs, and your mom Lindy Boggs, and you've had the journalistic front-row seat on politics that Cokie Roberts has had, your standards for political theater are pretty high. It's sad to report that she was for a time this year…

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Far from the coast, but close to Gov. John Bel Edwards, is Natchitoches trial lawyer Taylor Townsend, the former state representative who is the governor's pick to lead his legal team into the next big trial lawyer bonanza.

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The final six months of East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Kip Holden’s three terms have been eventful, to say the least. Acts of man (shootings) and God (floods) have been unforgiving for the mayor-president — and of course for a new governor, not …

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Former New Orleans Mayor Moon Landrieu tells the story of how the Superdome was built in downtown New Orleans. He was a member of the New Orleans committee working on it, and had been a political foe of Gov. John McKeithen, the backer of the project.

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