It’s clearly a blow to Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome that she could not get to seven, not even for a pass-through vote on a new roads tax.

The Metro Council deadlocked 5-5 on sending the roads package to the November city ballot. But if Broome’s shaky political standing is hardly enhanced, the Congestion Caucus on the council also has something to answer for.

Why not let people vote on a millage for road repairs? After all, the constituents of Trae Welch, Matt Watson, Buddy Amoroso, Dwight Hudson and Scott Wilson suffer as much as anybody with crappy transportation in this town.

Perhaps even worse, two members of the council took a walk and did not vote, Chauna Banks and Chandler Loupe, and those were effectively No votes.

Can Broome play her cards well? Noboby’s willing to bet on that. But there could well be an opportunity for her to lose this vote and win the argument later.