For those who remember the “Dragnet” series about a cop named Joe Friday, he questioned many people in his investigations. His famous line was “just the facts, please” when speaking to people.

First of all, I am ashamed of voter turnout. Is it caused by one or all of the following: voter apathy, complacency or rain and the LSU game? The right to vote is sacred because of the many who fought and died and were injured beyond repair, not only for us but many others around the world. I owe my vote to them to make an informed and educated vote for the best candidate possible, regardless of party.

All news media outlets tell us to trust them for the truth and make a great deal of money on the candidates’ advertisements. Mud-slinging is as much a part of our political culture as “crayfish or fried chicken.” Television stations brag of their investigation units for the truth “fair and balanced.”

All I want from the news media is the truth about all candidates. When they mud-sling, tell me before early voting what is true, false or somewhere in-between.

The news media needs to remember that the average voter is not within the political circle of career politicians to really know the truth unless they inform the candidates that they, the news media, will inform the voters the truth, regardless of where it may fall.

H.B. Cookie Billingsley

retired police officer

Denham Springs