I am once again voicing a major concern regarding an issue that is very dear to me. Myself and several of my friends really love going into downtown Baton Rouge on Saturday mornings. However, one recent Saturday as I rode around the area I was very upset to once again notice the lack of one very important item. With the huge push to bring people into Baton Rouge and especially with the USS Kidd docked, there is a definite lack of patriotism in this area. I go downtown for every military holiday and enjoy the Baton Rouge Concert Band at the State Capitol. However, for the past several years there has been a definite lack of display of our American flag. After riding down River Road onto North Boulevard and Government Street, I was very upset to see maybe a total of four flags — not counting the one in the display at the River Center and USS Kidd — and the condition of these flags was absolutely deplorable. They were so faded and tattered that it really made me sad.

With all of the money being spent to supposedly beautify and add community areas to downtown Baton Rouge, it surely should not be a big added expense to see to it that our flags fly proudly — especially approaching a military holiday — in honor of the proud soldiers who have fought, lost their lives and continue to fight for us to be able to enjoy our great country and all the freedoms we are blessed with.

It is my hope and desire that this issue be addressed and someone stay on top of it so that everyone can be proud of downtown Baton Rouge.

This should be a top priority, especially at these trying times in our Great United States of America.

Becky Wilson

retired secretary

Baton Rouge