To all the people impacted by the gun violence that occurred in Las Vegas, may you know that the entire country is praying for you. This murderer has brought an entire nation to its knees to pray for you, and to feel your sorrow. May we as a country decide that now is the time to make some changes to our gun laws — not to deprive those that feel they have a right to their guns to defend themselves and their families but to answer those who use this country's laws to get away with murder. We see it every day in our city and cities across America. We may never understand, nor should we even care, what this gunman had in his mind when he attacked innocent victims in Las Vegas.

The only things we should care about are why our government should be protecting people who want to have silencers on a gun they possess, or why they would need an attachment for a gun that would kill or wound an animal or person in the blink of an eye. May we all hope and pray, and look to our government leaders to make the right decisions that keep us all safe. This will not be a decision easily made by our lawmakers. We just need to make our voices heard, and maybe have to chip in a dollar each for re-election purposes to keep them away from the gun lobbyists who support them better than we can.

Anne Perkins