The quotes attributed to coach Paul Maneiri in the May 13 edition of The Advocate and made by him in reference to Cody Glenn represent yet another in what has become a pattern of utter disregard by coach Maneiri of both locker room protocol and common courtesy.

I have never met Cody Glenn and don’t know anything at all about him. What I do know, however, is that LSU’s baseball coach has access to an office and a locker room in which he can freely verbalize criticism of his players. Doing so in the newspaper, on television, or in another public forum is simply inappropriate, not only for a baseball coach, but for anyone charged with supervisory authority over another. This is particularly so when the object of that criticism is, like Cody Glenn, just a kid.

Coach Maneiri can learn from his colleague, Les Miles, whose only public comments about Tyrann Mathieu were that he loved him and would help him in any way that he could. If coach Miles had uncomplimentary things to say to and about Tyrann Mathieu, and one would assume that he did, those statements were apparently confined to conversations between the two of them, as they were not voiced publicly.

Cody Glenn deserved no less than the same courtesy.

Mac Lockwood

attorney and LSU fan

Baton Rouge