Jefferson Parish at one time was known as the green parish. Today, the green has surrendered to the green dollars of rampant ugly commercialism. Metairie Road is well on its way to morphing into another Interstate 10 Service Road. The 1930s mansion on Metairie Road near Labarre Road is slated for demolition. This small slice of paradise is to be paved over for an ample parking lot which will serve the medical industrial complex.

Harry Papworth planted oak trees along Metairie Road in the early 1900s. Today, the monied interest can’t wait to mock nature by sacrificing trees so more cars can be parked. Oxygen is sacrificed for carbon monoxide. Perhaps the Jefferson Parish Council can grow a backbone and force an ordinance MANDATING new owners to reserve a fraction of the land to be kept as a green space sprinkled with a few token cypress trees and shrubs. Trees were here before the native American Indians and the almighty dollar.

Bruce C. Kincade

attorney at law