I am outraged by the Louisiana statute that limits voters to three minutes in the voting booth.

The recent New Orleans ballot contained two national races, seven judgeships, 14 constitutional amendments and several other items depending on a voter’s precinct. That leaves a voter, at most, 7.8 seconds to consider each item. Presumably voters take less time to choose an elected official than read an amendment. If this ballot contained only the 14 proposed constitutional amendments, a voter would have 12.875 seconds to read each one. That is outrageous.

A friend of mine, who is a doctor, was asked to leave when she had not even completed half her ballot. I prepared strenuously and brought a cheat sheet with me to the voting booth and I barely finished voting in three minutes. Imagine a voter with a lower level of education or less preparation time attempting to complete today’s ballot in three minutes.

This is disenfranchisement and is essentially a literacy test. I hope our elected officials take notice and act to remove this time limit on democracy.

Stephanie Lintern


New Orleans