I really enjoy reading The Advocate, and especially enjoy the editorial page because there are usually business/civic/governmental matters of importance being discussed.

Usually this is the case, however, there was a letter by a lobbyist, Pete Martinez, that moved me to write this letter.

Per Mr. Martinez’s report, he and his family are big LSU fans and have been for a long time, his parents are season ticket-holders and he loves going to the LSU games. He was concerned about the “bush league” LSU fan behavior during the LSU-Alabama game: booing the Alabama band and doing a cheer that was not very nice. Well, I agree, that is not good sportsmanship to do at any game, on either side, anywhere. If you take a broader view, I believe it is fair to say that this type of behavior is not limited to just LSU fans.

With that in mind, here is how you can really help yourself:

A: You can donate your LSU tickets to someone else.

B: You can watch the game at home, or listen to it on the radio.

C: You can read about it later.

Please follow up and let us all know how you decide to solve your problem.

If you really do donate the tickets, tell us about how thrilled the people were to get them, how wonderful it was to see the big smiles on their faces and what a great time they had, and how even despite some “bush league” fan behavior, they managed somehow to survive it.

I bet they would love to tell you how great the LSU fan turnout was, (in the tens of thousands), how it was great having ESPN there, and all these major networks, how awesome the LSU band was, the fireworks, the touchdowns and how they were able to totally enjoy themselves without pegging other LSU fans about some of their over-the-top moments. And you would feel so good, because your problem was solved, you didn’t have to go to the game and you made someone else happy. Sweet deal!

glinda parker


Denham Springs