Our very own Bobby Jindal wants to be president; Hillary Clinton says, “Run, Bobby, run.” Or for that matter, any in the opposition say, “Run, Bobby, run.”

It is our hope that he succeeds till his record is fully in view. The Supreme Court just ruled on marriage equality, and Jindal tells his people not to issue licenses and suggests we do away with the Supreme Court. Really? Think we should get the “Duck Dynasty” bunch out to help him challenge the Supreme Court?

In the same week, that same court ruled in favor of people of lesser means’ availability to affordable health care. Another problem for Jindal ’cause it is the law. Let’s not forget this is the same guy that has gutted education and health care.

Run, Bobby, run. I wish you luck, Bobby. Go all the way. ’Cause in the end, your positions will be exposed for what they are. Run, Bobby, run.

Kevin Stevenson


Baton Rouge