Ian McNulty: As Pontchartrain Hotel returns, revived restaurants compete with their own legacies _lowres

Advocate photo by J.T. BLATTY-- First built in 1927, the Pontchartrain Hotel on St. Charles Avenue reopened last week after an extensive renovation.

In Ian McNulty's article of June 19 about the Caribbean Room in the Pontchartrain Hotel, he failed to mention Café Pontchartrain, which was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The clientele consisted of hotel guests, New Orleans lawyers and doctors, and celebrities mostly at breakfast to get the delicious muffins.

He also did not mention Stephanie, who was manager of the Café for nine years. Not only was she manager, she was hostess with all the masters, waitresses and bus persons. She did everything to help.

Irving D. Goldstein

retired from Dance Ranch

New Orleans