I see that this subject of death row has been back in the news.

When this matter first came up, I had a chance to tour Angola and went into a lot of the cells, including one section of death row. As I walked down the cellblocks, I saw some reading books, watching TV while fans were blowing on them. I didn’t see any of them with sweat running down their faces as I did when I rode into the fields to see inmates working on harvesting crops that are fed to the prisoners. These inmates are not on death row but have to work for the food they eat. So while those on death row are sitting in cells, all the others are out working in the extreme heat. I just don’t see what they have to complain about.

Maybe they should be chained and placed in certain sections of the fields and gather the crops that they eat just as the other prisoners are doing.

I can’t believe this case even went to court and continues in court. What in the world are we thinking?

Do they think they did nothing wrong?

We have people making a decent living in the heat during the hot days of summer.

Maybe they need to install roofs on houses or lay blacktop and or work in the attic on air-conditioning units. Let’s wake up, people.

I must end by saying that the warden at Angola is doing an excellent job and hope we can have him around for years to come.

John Lynch

retired planner and scheduler

Denham Springs