Progressives have been changing this country slowly for about 100 years. Now, they are on steroids.

For 50 years, they have indoctrinated our children. There is no sense of responsibility, nor the realization of the consequences of one’s actions. The election is over, and the uninformed, misinformed, and just plain gullible have spoken — with a bit of fraud here and there.

It was not a”rout” as Michael Polito has stated. There was less than a 4 percent difference. Polito seems to be giddy over the prospect of what Obamacare is all about. Will he be as happy when he gets the bill for a minimum of 18 new taxes that start in January 2013? Does he know that millions of small businesses will close, and many of larger ones will either close or lay off many workers in order to comply with the mandates and fines or other expenses associated with Obamacare? It has already started.

Does he know that seniors will lose much of their medical benefits because of this law? Yes, because of the thinking of people like Polito, we all will pay the price of this year’s elections for many years. America will survive and come back — but not in my lifetime.

Lastly, Obamacare is not at all about insuring the uninsured, it is about the government controlling every aspect of our lives.

Noralee Patton