In case anyone hasn’t noticed, women have been sentinels on the front lines since time began. We are indeed male counterparts as well as companions. We are well-adapted at boosting sagging male egos with a kind word, a hot meal or three-inch stilettoes.

We are insightful, intuitive, can predict future events with uncanny accuracy and can size up any situation in an instant. It is easy for us to detect patterns, or to spot a designer purse, shoes or dress across a room or in a crowded flea market among hundreds of dissimilar objects. Our gut-level feelings are always accurate and we abide by them. We can multi-task easily, stirring a hot pot and nursing a baby at the same time.

With regard to strength, any small-framed female will turn into a pit bull when her children or family are threatened. If we can’t convince someone else to help us carry a heavy object we can always find a way to stuff it into a shopping cart. We have been carrying large shoulder rucksacks for years, called purses.

As for nerves, we are as relaxed brokering a million-dollar deal in some boardroom as we are giving or receiving a massage. We can follow orders with blind obedience, run multiple errands, return phone calls and make appointments without question.

Women in combat are nothing new. We have been quietly and diligently without interruption watching male backs forever and will continue to do so, day in and day out.

Irene M. Beary


Baton Rouge