Your editorial “The Future in Children” (Sept. 30) directs our attention to the right place as we consider candidates for elective office — our children’s future.

The Louisiana Platform for Children, recently released by the Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families, shows that almost 70 percent of births in our state are paid by Medicaid, one-third of our children are living in poverty, high-quality care for infants and toddlers is hard to find, and the safety net for children with disabilities or those who suffer from abuse and neglect is extremely weak.

Children with mental health issues or those involved in the juvenile justice system face significant challenges, as well. Systems designed to support at-risk children have experienced severe cuts over the last few years and now have limited capacity to respond to ever-increasing needs.

Louisiana brings in enough revenue each year to avoid destabilizing cuts to important services for children and families. What services should be funded and how? We hope these questions are at the forefront of our debates and planning over the next several months. For a baby born on Jan. 11, the day we swear in a new administration, what will the future hold?

We encourage candidates and citizens to read the Louisiana Platform for Children, available at, to learn more about needs of children and families in our state.

Sherry S. Guarisco

Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families

Baton Rouge