Cokie and Steve Roberts’ “Return of a party that knows nothing” implies that present-day Republicans are the reincarnation of yesterday’s “Know Nothing” Party, an anti-immigrant group for the 1850s.

The Democrats have a sinister ability to twist (spin) the words of those with whom they disagree, so as to completely change whatever narrative is being discussed. About 15 years ago, many Americans were becoming increasingly concerned with the growing amount of illegal aliens. But, soon aliens became immigrants, and then illegal was dropped so that the narrative became that Republicans were against immigrants. The Roberts’ state that today the “haters” are against Arab Muslims and Latinos from Mexico.

They then attack Dr. Ben Carson for his remark that he would not agree with electing a Muslim president. They went on to quote a segment of the Constitution which states that “no religious test shall ever be required as qualifications to any office or public trust under the United States.” But they did not expound on Carson’s explanation that his concern would be that a Muslim might make his religious tenants, such as Sharia Law, take precedent over the Constitution and/or American values in general. Carson further stated that he would not want to elect anyone who could not subordinate his or her religious beliefs to the Constitution of the United States, and our mores and practices.

It is not hate to want to preserve the values, practices and traditions of one’s homeland, especially when those elements have helped to create the greatest country in the world. For some reason, the Democratic party and their enablers in the press seem to constantly want to find things wrong with America and denigrate the country. But if our society is so terrible and our country so wrong, why are millions of people constantly trying to come here?

And now there are reports of attempts to silence global warming dissenters, and non-PC speech on university campuses. If true, this is very dangerous to the free exchange of ideas, which are a necessity in a democratic republic.

Ronald Usner, B.A. M.A.

retired mortgage lender/nonprofit manager