I read the recent letter by John Sanders with interest because changes in Social Security and Medicare directly affect my wife and me.

I understand Mr. Sanders’ concern, but he’s blaming the wrong people for the problem. Mr. Sanders is obviously a backer of Sen. Mary Landrieu because he seems to think Rep. Bill Cassidy, her Republican rival for one of Louisiana’s Senate seats, is trying to harm the elderly. Social Security and Medicare need to be fixed, without a doubt, or one day the funds will run out. But Mr. Sanders fails, as many in the Democrat party do, to see the reason.

Democrats, including Landrieu, have for years pushed for more money being taken out of the Social Security system and given to people who never paid into the system. Taking from those who funded the system or those who have real disabilities to give to those who don’t work, won’t work and encourage those in their families not to work is what is bankrupting Social Security and Medicare.

Cassidy and other Republicans are trying to find a way to fix the system, but they are going about it in the wrong direction. If, however, they try to cut out the waste and fraud that is the cause of the system’s problems, they will be condemned by the Democrats and their willing allies in the mainstream media as heartless hate-mongers. Mr. Sanders needs to direct his concerns to Landrieu and ask her why she and the other Democrats have allowed Social Security and Medicare to come into danger of becoming insolvent, not Dr. Cassidy and the Republicans.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge