In reply to the letter to the recent letter to the editor from Geri Teasley, I want to point out that voting is not a privilege as was stated. It is a right. Voting is a right that every citizen of the United States enjoys as part of citizenship.

Men were granted the right to vote by the Constitution. Women were not. The women’s suffrage movement began in the late 1840s nationwide. It took many women to campaign and fight for years before a constitutional amendment — the 19th — would be ratified in 1920 allowing women the right to vote equal to men.

The 100th anniversary of the ratification of this amendment will be in 2020. Look for a celebration. I will also point out that voting is the only right women have in this country. The Equal Rights Amendment has not been ratified. There are laws for many other things, but no other right is granted to women constitutionally.

In addition, I feel that statements similar to Teasley's are planting seeds of distrust in our entire voting and election process where there were none before. President Donald Trump was duly elected as president. I did not vote for him, but I accept his presidency.

Our secretary of state, Tom Schedler, is correct to hold his position. He has said we do not have rampant voter fraud due to the systems and processes we have in place.

Pam Baldwin


Baton Rouge