I enjoy working the puzzles in The Advocate and usually look at the comics to the side. I was appalled at Bizarro in the paper on April 22.

It shows a drawing of “God” on his throne in the clouds as an ape. He is speaking to a human dressed in a robe saying, “I created you in my image in the beginning, yes. But then you evolved.”

That comic was an affront to all Christians, in particular.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God was an ape in the beginning. He created animals; he wasn’t one. He created humans, and he wasn’t one of them either. God is a spirit whom we worship in the spirit.

I realize that the creator of Bizarro often uses satire, but this drawing went too far. I no longer will view this comic in the same light as before.

Nell Meriwether

retired teacher

Baton Rouge