After reading Thomas M. Bayer's letter, I am truly wondering if we both read the same cartoon. Mallard Fillmore from Oct. 29 was offensive to him because it defamed our veterans? This cartoon had nothing to do with veterans. Fillmore was speaking of his progressive friends decrying a repugnant movement, that is neo-Nazism, but then planning to use one of their main tools of group violence to silence opposition.

Letters: Cartoon was offense to warriors

His theme is that the fringes of our society have gotten to a point that it isn't what we have said that is the only thing that will get you punched out. Just being a conservative or Republican will get you into trouble on too many college campuses. Being shouted down is the least of your problems. Look at the violence in California. Please go to Youtube or watch the news and see where antifa attacks anyone who disagrees with their version of an anarchist society. Americans no longer listen to another point of view or look for compromise. We have more in common than we have separating us. My parents always said we had two ears and one mouth. Keep that ratio in mind.

William Weber