In the article on Gov. John Bel Edwards' budget proposal, it was noted that Stephen Waguespack, the president of Louisiana Association of Business and Industry took the opportunity to lambaste the proposed budget. I find it to be both amusing and infuriating that Waguespack would weigh in on this given his past contributions to the state's fiscal mess.

How is it possible for Waguespack to have any credibility on this matter given the fact that he was one of former Gov. Bobby Jindal's top aides? Here is a man who has helped Jindal put us in this mess, and now he's got the gall to weigh in on how the present governor isn't taking the right steps to fix the problem he helped to create. Makes you either want to laugh or scream in anger. One must also wonder why LABI would countenance their president's behavior. Did they hire and enable him to run for governor as their handpicked stooge? It seems that LABI may be wanting to give us "the business."

Skip Miller


Gov. John Bel Edwards listens to a question from a member of the media, Wednesday, March 29, 2017, flanked by La. Dept. of Revenue Secretary Kimberly Robinson, left, at a press conference to announce details of his tax and budget reform proposals for the 2017 regular legislative session.

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