Electing someone to a public office should be serious businesses.

It should not be a popularity or beauty contest. It should not matter what color, gender, party or Christian church they belong to, as long as they will honor their oath of office and have proven themselves to be honest, trustworthy and do not consider themselves above the law. We should elect someone who can get the job done that is needed. This I believe is true particularly when electing a president this time.

I don’t like either front-runner, but because the economy is the leading concern of most voters and border control not far behind, we need to decide which one has the experience and desire to do what is needed to get the job done.

I feel about one of the front-runners as an operating room registered nurse once told me. She said, “I don’t like this doctor one bit. He is rude, arrogant, demeaning, etc. But if I need surgery, I wanted him to do it. He is good and can get the job done better than anyone else.”

R.H. Pulliam

PT accountant