Where have you gone, customer service?

This statement is not meant to throw a negative blanket over all who supply customer service, but instead refers to what many go through in reference to customer service in this country.

Many of us have had to endure minutes upon minutes of trying to speak on the telephone to 1) a live person, and 2) a person that we can’t understand. It is frustration at its highest level.

I always thought customer service was an important aspect of any business, but it appears otherwise.

Or is it that the frustration is meant to discourage calls about a company or an individual service or product the company provides?

Another aspect of customer service that is sorely lacking is at restaurants. I have been dining with friends who will say, “Wow, that waiter gave us good service and with a smile.”

Funny, I thought that should be the norm, rather than the exception.

I do know businesses are cutting corners, which usually means people, and that is their right to do. Even at the customer’s expense, both literally and figuratively.

I also work at a job that includes things that make me angry and even despise, but I know that is the way it is and continue on.

Steffan Callegan

operations technician

Baton Rouge