I am finally writing to you about The Zoo, or the LSU student body, at LSU football games. There are two songs that the LSU Band can no longer play because of the foul language used when these songs are played. The song “Neck,” which is loved by many and the players, can’t be played because of a reference to the male appendage. I have written to Joe Alleva in hopes of controlling these students, but this fell on deaf ears. To me, the university is treating this like a parent whose child does no wrong in their eyes. This is a disgrace to the university and the grandchildren that I bring with me. This is a perfect example of the good suffering for the bad. Someone needs to put an end to this so LSU can put on a good face for the fans and our guests to show how great we are as a host.

Keith Hebert

board-certified OSHA safety instructor

New Iberia