I spend time with my son every day. Part of that time is spent inquiring about what he did in school that day. I listen to what he tells me and try to have a discussion about it. Through the Internet, I review the “power school” records and what his teachers have posted in regards to what they are learning and what is the homework assignment today.

I’ve learned that it takes time and patience. I also have developed an appreciation for teachers who are faced with instructing 22 students. Just sending your child to school to gain an education falls short of your goal if you don’t put the effort in to help your child.

I utilize the teaching materials at the School Aids store, choosing books that follow the Common Core standards. This enabled me to choose material pertinent to what my son is taught. Prior to Common Core, I had to “hit and miss.”

Common Core also provides a measuring stick to evaluate how well students learn what is expected at a particular level of development. This is important for several reasons, and one reason is receiving funds. The federal government will give our state money if we can prove that our students are achieving the standards that are set.

Argue all you want about the federal government has no business in education, but that is reality. We can follow the path toward education and reimbursement or we can stomp our feet and say heck no!

What does our governor have to gain by switching his stance on Common Core? We are all aware of the time he spends outside the state gaining a national reputation for whatever ambitions he has. He needs to gain the favor of his political party leadership. I believe he switched his opinion on Common Core not for the sake of our children but for his own advantage.

What does Superintendent of Education John White and BESE President Chas Roemer gain by supporting the Common Core initiative? I don’t see any other reason except the interests of our children.

Last year, my son spent a lot of time taking multiple assessment tests, time that would’ve been better spent learning.

Yes, I’m in favor of the Common Core State Standards.

Bill Salmon

health care

Denham Springs